The new curriculum will bring: new future skills and related cognitive tools that affect global and local freight transport and related greenhouse gas emissions; different technologies; ecological skills needed for work resources in logistics at all levels to help adapt to climate change.
     In order to reach these high-level learning outcomes, the partners plan to create a course composed of different modules, each one focusing on a different domain (Module 1. Industry 4.0 technologies; 2. Sustainability in Logistics; 3. Digital skills, IIoT competencies, and hands-on activities). During the final module (4.) the students will be asked to solve a real challenge proposed by real companies working in the logistics sector.
     The general objective of the project is to increase the adoption of sustainable and digital practices in the logistics sector. As stated in the EU Green Deal, logistics creates costs for society such as greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions and EU aims to decrease green gas emission from logistics by 90%. The project aims to adapt the requirements of industry 4.0 and digital skills of students, as well as green skills.  
The project has the following specific objectives:
  • Improving the HEI training offer in the field of logistic 4.0 by developing a new interdisciplinary curriculum;
  • Increase awareness and visibility of logistics as an actor with a major impact on greenness and sustainability of supply chains among business people and in the society;
  • Increasing the knowledge of HEI students in the 4.0 technologies adapted to the logistic sector;
  • Increasing the digital skills of the students in order to be able to adopt 4.0 technologies in companies;
  • Increasing the green skills of the students in order to be able to increase the sustainability of the processes adopted in the logistic sector;
  • Increasing soft skills of the students thanks to practical activities included in the Logistic 4.0 curriculum;
  • Making micro-credentials courses available for HEI;
  • Increasing the employability of HEI students in the logistic sector;
  • Creating a community of practices of HEIs in the logistics sector.