The most relevant concrete result of the project will be a training course, called Sustainable Logistics 4.0 (SLog 4.0).
The expected architecture is:
    • Module 1: Logistics 4.0 in smart society;
    • Module 2: Sustainability in Logistics 4.0;
    • Module 3: IIoT: adopting 4.0 for green logistics;
    • Module 4: Green challenge: solving a real challenge in the logistics sector with sustainable solutions.
In order to achieve the assumed results we will be engaged in:
    • Work package n°1 - Project Management;
    • Work package n°2 - Detailed training need analysis and definition of training course design principles and curriculum;
    • Work package n°3 - Designing and preparing training materials and assessment criteria;
    • Work package n°4 - Piloting the course and delivery of the final output;
    • Work package n°5 - Dissemination and Exploitation.